Monday, December 17, 2007

Belize Letter 16

The other day, Diane called to me from the porch announcing “we have visitors”. I asked “who is it”, she replied “come take a look”. I took a quick look out the kitchen window and saw three horses having lunch on the lawn. I have some pictures at…….

I haven’t taken pictures of the property lately, so even though I used the zoom on the camera, you can get a decent look at some of the land.

Satellite internet service is up. I was down for almost two months. I had to order parts in the states and have my brother ship them to Belize. I even have a spare receiver and spare modem. During this time that our internet service was down, I had to drive to Belmopan and get on the net at an internet café.

I have been working on getting my site visible to potential home buyers. This is a fun task. I also changed the site somewhat so visitors would know that the place is for sale. I also added a index of real estate agents in Belize along with links to their websites. Since hurricane season is over, Real estate selling season has begun and we are getting visits from potential buyers.

Diane and I have been averaging two to three games of scrabble a day. It getting pretty competitive but Diane usually squeaks out a win. It is amazing how much spell checkers can diminish a person’s spelling capability. Scrabble tends to reverse that effect.

About a week ago, while showing the creek path to the visitors, we saw a howler monkey scamper further up a tree and disappear into the foliage. Diane and I hear howlers quite frequently, but that is the first time I saw one on the property.

Belizeans are getting ready for Christmas, we hear firecrackers every evening. I still haven’t found out why fire crackers are set off at Christmas. I guess it is just their way of celebrating. Diane and I will have Christmas in Belize for the second year in a row. For us, it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without the cold weather. We will have a great meal (prepared by Diane) and watch movies.

Our weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few weeks. Temperatures are in the low sixties at night and are in the low to mid eighties in the afternoon. It is quite a contrast to what our friends are experiencing in our home town of Reading, PA.


Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays.

John and Diane Madeira

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