Sunday, February 3, 2008

Belize Letter 17

In Belize, the national elections will take place on February 7th. There has been a lot of campaigning taking place. In a nutshell, the seated party has been proclaiming how skillfully they have managed the affairs of Belize. They point out all the wonderful things that they have accomplished with the tax payers' money. The opposition party, on the other hand, has been proclaiming how the seated party has caused Belize to take a step backwards and how awful things are in Belize. They are calling for a change. I guess we will start hearing similar things in the states from the moment we arrive! What is great in Belize is that the campaigning will only have lasted a little over a month.

To get everyone up to date, we have accepted an offer on our house in Belize and we will be leaving Belize on February 12 and heading to the Las Cruces, New Mexico area. After staying in the rain forest for sometime, we will be anxious to experience the low humidity of the desert southwest.

The couple that is moving in is from the United States. There are eight children in the family. I walked with a few of the children on the creek path and they were thrilled with the jungle. They will be home schooled and I am sure the whole family will enjoy there stay in Belize.

Recently our time has been spent preparing for the move. Moving across town is one thing, moving to another country is completely different. Diane once again has to make hard decisions about what goes and what stays because we can't ship everything due to the prohibitively expensive shipping costs. Diane and I are extremely anxious to make the move to the desert southwest. Without a doubt, I will blog about our experiences.

We will continue to have an interest in Belize and the websites that deal with Belize will be maintained but will be converted from personal to more informational. We will also continue to communicate with the numerous friends we made while in Belize.

Thanks to everyone for all your emails and letters. We enjoy them very much.