Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean Approaches

I received quite a few emails regarding Hurricane Dean and questions about our safety.

We were certainly apprehensive about the early news reports. It appears, that our area of Belize will not receive the brunt of the storm. In fact, Our area of Belize is not under any storm watches or warnings at the present time. We live in the center of Belize in the hills. The eye of the storm is about 450 miles east of us and is heading west northwest. The strongest winds are on the west and north side of the storm.

Diane and I are staying put. We live in one of the best built homes in the country.

Sometimes we think about living on the islands or on the coast but the threat of storms is too great. There are not that many but when they hit, they can be devastating.

I do have a concern about those people that have opted to remain on the islands to ride out the storm. I just got an email from a blogger who lives on Ambergris. She is staying and is looking for rain boots.

I think we have a good chance of being affected by the storm mainly due to electric service problems. Last week we lost power for seven hours one day and the weather was great! We managed without electric before and we will manage again.

We have a good supply of bottled drinking water. We also have plenty of canned food. We filled the fuel tank in the truck and we have plenty of butane.

The storm is predicted to hit landfall by 8:00 AM Tuesday morning.

I will make another post before the storm hits if something changes and I have an internet connection.

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