Sunday, July 1, 2007

Five Blues Lake

Yesterday, my friend Mario, a jungle guide who lives near me in St. Margaret’s Village, informed me that the lake had returned to its previous state. I could not believe it. Today, during a rain storm, I made the trip to the lake. Since the lake is only 4 miles from my house, it was an easy trip. I was able to get the truck to the Five Blues Lake pavilion and then walk the ½ mile to the shore of the lake. As I turned the corner and had a view of the lake, I could not believe my eyes! Five Blues Lake was back to normal! Just a month ago I had seen it as a mud puddle. In case you are wondering, On July 6, 2006, Five Blues Lake was reported to be empty due to a collapse of the Lake floor. See The news of the disappearing lake drew quite a few visitors. Will the news of the reappearing lake draw an equal number of visitors?

I will be putting a few pictures on Picasa very soon for public view.

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